Post Driver FAQ’S
How do I start my Post Driver for the first time?

1. Check the oil; it should be prefilled up to the bottom of the oil cap thread
2. Fill it with fuel- use 91-95 unleaded, no oil mixing required
3. Pump the fuel using the finger pump until you see no air bubbles in the fuel line
4. Lift the grey choke switch up on the motor to the on position
5. Make sure the red cut out switch is down to the on position on the Post Driver
– If you have a CHPD78 driver and want to use standard size star pickets you will need the reducing bush
– To install the reducer- place the end with the holes on it on the ground and push the Post Driver guide tube down over the reducing bush
– Do not use grease on reducer
6. Pull the pull cord and turn the choke off after 15 seconds of idling. You are ready to go!
-Be sure to only operate the throttle when the Post Driver is being pulled down upon the post. This is to ensure that the hammer part does not dry fire in the machine and cause wear/damage.

Does my Post Driver come pre-filled with engine oil?

Yes. Your post driver will come pre-filled with engine oil to the specified level.

There may also be a bottle of engine oil included in the box for future servicing.

What fuel should I use?

(Honda GX35/GX50 4-Stroke)
Unleaded low to medium octane fuel (91 or 95)
Honda motors can be sensitive to dirty fuel. If your post driver has not been used in less than 3months, we recommend that you replace the fuel before starting.

How do I install or remove my reducer bush?

To install the reducer bush; first find a long screwdriver or rod and put it through the holes at the bottom of the reducer. After you have done this, place the reducer on the ground and stand on the ends of the screwdriver/ rod with the reducer between your feet. Now grab your post driver and push the bottom guide tube down and over the reducer bush. If you find it necessary, use soapy water or an evaporative lubricant on the reducer O-rings for easier insertion.

To remove the reducer bush, perform the above steps in reverse order.

What is the recommended servicing period?

A motor oil change is recommended every 6 months or 50 hours by Honda.  A strip and service of the driver is recommended at every 800 hrs or 18 months, whichever comes first. This would include renewing all rubbers and replacing grease. For servicing enquiries or service kits please contact us.

What grease should I use when servicing?

It is important that you only use the specified Caltex EP C0. Other grease types may inhibit performance or cause damage to the post driver. If you cannot find this grease locally, contact us and we can supply it to you.

Why does my reducer bush keep sliding out?

It is likely that there is greasy residue inside the guide tube which is not allowing the rubber o-rings to gain friction. This could be caused by excess grease in the hammer assembly working it’s way into the guide-tube area. This is common with new machines and will go away with use.

To solve this; Remove the reducer bush and clean the inside of the guide tube and the reducer O-rings with degreaser, carburettor cleaner, wax & grease remover or similar. When re-installing the reducer use soapy water or an evaporative lubricant if necessary.

Why has my Post Driver has jammed or stopped hammering?

This procedure is only relevant for CHPD52 model post drivers. If you find that your post driver will no longer activate the hammer, you may have a jammed bottom hammer.
This is usually a result of dry firing, which is when the throttle is held while the driver is not being pulled downward onto a post. This means the hammer is being stopped only by the machined stop in the guide tube. This will cause burs and wearing to appear in the components which will allow the hammer to jam in the guide tube. Over time dry firing will force the pressed-in guide tube out of its housing and this would disintegrate the internal components.

Quick Fix; If your bottom hammer jams, place the guide tube over a fence post and with the motor turned off, pull down with full force to break it free. Another option could be to use a 6+ inch socket extension and a hammer.


What is the warranty on my Post Driver?

We include a 3-year parts warranty on the post driver alongside Honda’s 3-year warranty on the original GX35 motor.

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