12 VOLT 55 AMP Battery Charger

12 Volt 55 Amp
Also available with amp meter and volt meter

The Outback Battery Charger is the fastest possible way to charge flat batteries whilst camping in remote areas with car fridges. Solar panels are always too bulky, and far too expensive, but on the other hand they are quiet. 240-volt generators with 12-volt outlets just won’t charge vehicle batteries efficiently and are always a problem. The Christies Charger is basically a 50cc, 1.8 kw 4 stroke Honda engine accompanied by a 55 amp Bosch alternator, the unit allowing a 2 stage regulated voltage change with the flick of a switch. The Charger can supply sufficient charge to a flat battery in approximately 5 minutes to start a car or tractor and campers will find the unit ideal when flat batteries can be charged at 55 amps per hour (max). This allows continuous use of portable fridges, lights etc without the fear of exhausting the power supply. The unit may also find favour as an emergency lighting power or battery charging with boaties while mobile mechanics may also embrace the virtually, “Instant power”.


Our chargers can supply enough charge in as little as 5 minutes to start machinery. Campers can run car fridges for 24 hours and charge their batteries in as little as 1 hour. Ideal for backup power in emergency situations. Designed and built for the marine industry, backup for solar powered sites, emergency services, earthmoving contractors, mobile mechanics, or anyone working in the outback. Note, some wet cell deep cycle batteries will not accept a fast charge & may require trickle charging for a long period of time. For an efficient system with faster recharge times AGM or cranking batteries can be used.


Environmentally friendly Honda 50cc 4-stroke engine. Manual 2 stage charge rate, Low 14V or high 14.6V charge rate, by the flick of a switch. Short circuit and high voltage spike protection included. Super bright LED Amp meter and switchable Voltmeter. Lightweight, portable, weighing only 12 kg. High current Leads included, 3m long with large heavy-duty alligator clamps.