24 VOLT 80 AMP


24V 80AMP

The largest 24V model is best suited for heavy domestic and commercial charging requirements, such as the marine industry, backup for solar powered sites, motor-homes, earthmoving contractors, emergency services, mobile mechanics, communication repeaters, arrow boards, council machinery etc. Designed for the harsh environments of Australia, so no digital electronic components are installed on this model.


Our chargers can supply enough charge in as little as 5 minutes to start machinery. Campers can run car fridges for 24 hours and charge their batteries in as little as 1 hour. Ideal for backup power in emergency situations. Designed and built for the marine industry, backup for solar powered sites, emergency services, earthmoving contractors, mobile mechanics, or anyone working in the outback. Note, some wet cell deep cycle batteries will not accept a fast charge & may require trickle charging for a long period of time. For an efficient system with faster recharge times AGM or cranking batteries can be used.