Hydraulic Rod Clamp

40mm to 150mm rod diameter range
Supplied with 1.5m hose whips
Tungsten carbide teeth
Load holding poppet valve

Continuous flight Auger

$495.00 + GST
1.5m x 3.5inch OD
HEX core hard faced fully seam welded
Supplied with HEX pin and D pin

Auger D Pin

$16.50 + GST
½ inch

Auger Holder Plate

$80.00 + GST
8mm laser cut, zinc plated & folded

Cutting Tips

$290.00 + GST
4 inch carbide tipped

Universal Joint assembly

$550.00 + GST
2 inch shaft to 1 1/8 HEX female
Other variations available POA


Replacement universal joint

$30.00 + GST

40mm Super Linear bearing sleeve plastic bush

$50.00 + GST
Chrome shaft replacement bushes
(plastic sleeve only)

U50 hydraulic Sample Extruder

$1750 + GST
Can be supplied to fit all Christie ute tray mounted rigs
Fit under the rear C-channel

2 Speed Drill Motor

– Low speed/ high torque approx. 100rpm
– High speed/ low torque approx. 600rpm
Supplied with Mayhew Jnr pin output

Hydraulic Winch

Pullmaster winches PL1 or PL2 can be used depending on application
PL1 500kg
PL2 1000kg

Auger Tie Down Rack

$120 + GST
5mm laser cut & folded
For trailer or Ute tray backs
Installation if needed at extra cost